Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hitman 2 The Movie

Today I found a story that would sound like this: Director Daniel Benmayor negotiate with 20th Century Fox to direct the 2nd Hitman movie . Remains to be seen whether they will reach an agreement and where Timothy Olyphant will be back for another adventure in the shoes of Agent 47. The first movie was directed by Xavier Gens and grossed $ 100 million and a budget of $ 30 million.The film was inspired by Hitman games that have as main character Agent 47, a paid assassin working for an organization called, The Agency. Rights to the franchise are owned by Eidos, become Squer Enix. The interesting part is that Agent 47 is a clone created in a laboratory somewhere in Romania. I look forward to this new movie and any new games because i am a fan of Agent 47's.

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